Bloom Boutique's vision is to bring beauty and soul food into everyone's homes to enjoy the beauty and happiness flowers bring.

We strive to provide the best quality and fresh seasonal flowers, from which most are sourced directly from farms in South Africa. Support Local.


Meet The Team




Kyla Barnard


Bloom Boutique was the brain child of Kyla Barnard, who grew up watching and helping her mom Lolita do flowers.

Kyla has a law degree, but found law draining and flowers nourished her soul.






Lolita de Witt


Lolita de Witt started her journey in the early 1990's, when she did a four week coursewith John Robertson, from Flowerite.

John subsequently offered her a job at Flowerite in Sandton city. She went on to work for Bunches for Africa, gave classes and did events. Kyla dragged her back into the industry recently.